When entrusting your possessions to removalists during a house move, insurance is essential for peace of mind. Professional removal companies offer various insurance options to protect your items in case of damage, loss, or theft. Understanding the policies and what they cover ensures your valuables are safeguarded.

  • Transit insurance

Transit insurance is the core protection provided by removalists. It covers your belongings specifically while in transit from your old home to the new destination. Quality removalists will have transit insurance policies through major providers. Check that both legs of the journey are included when loaded onto the truck and in transit, plus unloading at the new property. There should also be coverage for short-term storage during transit.

  • Storage insurance

If you need to store items longer term in the removal company’s storage facility before moving into your new property, separate storage insurance is required. It protects your possessions while being kept in the warehouse. Make sure coverage is comprehensive. Check if there are exclusions like not covering damage from rats or mold if storage is not climate-controlled. Also, confirm no acts of God such as floods or earthquakes. Knowing exactly what storage insurance protects gives peace of mind.

  • Assessed value policies

For high-value or sentimental items, look for a removalist offering assessed-value insurance options. It allows you to nominate a value per item or for your entire content. You will be compensated up to this amount if the specific item is lost or damaged. For prized possessions like artwork, jewelry, or collectibles, assessed value coverage gives certainty of being compensated appropriately. Just be sure you estimate the value accurately.

  • Third-party insurance

Reputable removal companies will have third-party insurance as an added protection. It covers your possessions against damage caused by anyone other than the removalists themselves. For example, if a third-party driver damages your items in a collision, you are protected. Or if a storage facility the removalist uses has flood damage from a third party like a faulty sprinkler, you are covered. It provides peace of mind against uncontrollable outside factors. Check the level of third-party cover is sufficient for your belongings. Just like other insurance, removalist policies often come with excess fees you pay in the event of a claim. This is your contribution to the claim. While policies cover damages overall, you are responsible for the initial excess amount. Also, check if the excess is per item claimed or applied once to the total claim.

Pre-move inspections

You demonstrate the pre-existing condition of your possessions by having your removalist conduct pre-move inspections. They will note and photograph any existing wear and tear to items like scuffs to furniture. This provides a record showing damages were not caused during the move. Some removalists even use technology like tablet apps to catalog and timestamp items. Pre-inspections mean any removalist liability is clear. While professional removalists take measures to protect your goods in transit, additional protections are reassuring for prized possessions. Look for removal companies offering secure trucks featuring GPS tracking, so you check your items’ location in real time if desired during the move. Also, request extra locks on truck doors and anti-theft immobilizer devices for added security, especially for interstate relocations like removalists Sydney to Canberra.