You have finally booked your tickets to Paris, and now you are all set to pack your bags and immerse into the captivating experience. But did you stop to realize the challenges associated with traveling to your dream (read unknown) destination?

Even if you are planning the tour with family or friends, you will surely long for the ‘me-time.’ Or let’s consider the dependency on public transport. You would have to spend time and effort searching for public transport routes and plan your itinerary accordingly.

All these thoughts would only result in traveling jitters. But this post simplifies the matter by offering a better alternative. Delve into the narrative and discover the benefits of motorcycle rental in Paris, France.

Planning a Trip to Paris? Consider Motorcycle Rental Options

Motorcycles and bikes in Paris are already popular. Navigating Paris by motorcycle or scooter is heaven for enthusiasts. You can enjoy the appealing views of Paris streets and attractions by bike or motorcycle. Explore the city’s hidden gems by renting a motorcycle. With your motorcycle rental option, you can ditch expensive taxi fares and get the utmost freedom of traveling at your own pace.

Get a unique taste of solo traveling by renting a motorcycle. The best part is the parking option. Renting a two-wheeler in the City of Light (that’s the nickname) will keep all hassles at bay since Paris is a bike-friendly destination.

A Road Trip to Explore the Diverse History of the ‘City of Light’

Planning to rent a motorcycle in Paris? Here’s a list of destinations to cover:


Nestling 50 km away from Paris, Fontainebleau is an impressive castle. Embark on a road trip to engross in the diverse history of this royal abode that’s 12th century old. Once, it happened to be the home of Emperor Napoleon. 


Want to walk in the footsteps of royalty? It’s time to plan for a solo (or duo) motorcycle trip to Barbizon. Nicknamed Barbizon School, this place is home to popular French landscape painters. Take your motorcycle to this destination and get a captivating travel experience.

Discover the hidden gems of Paris with a blend of culture and fun. Ride along the Seine & experience the top monuments.

Ecological awareness, environmental issues, and sustainable tourism are altering how people travel. So, riding amidst the city by motorcycle is captivating. At the same time, it is a sustainable approach to travel. From capturing the view of the Eiffel Tower to discovering the beauty of Luxembourg Gardens, a scooter tour in Paris is a lot more fun.

Wondering where a scooter for rent in Paris is available? Don’t worry as long as BikesBooking offers the most comprehensive online reservation services. But you must determine the following parameters:

  • Consult the team to discuss the rental period
  • Inspect the motorcycle first
  • Check the lights and horns
  • A trial ride is important to ensure the brakes are functional
  • Read the rental contract 

With these steps undertaken, your Paris trip will be enthralling. Unwrap the city’s hidden gems by motorcycle and bring home some of the beautiful memories as souvenirs.